These Books have explicit passages, you must be 18 or older to read or buy them.

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Dana Littlejohn's Titles are No Longer Available from Red Rose Publishing. Please Do Not Buy any Books from Red Rose Publishing If you see any of her titles for sale, please do not buy them as she is no longer receiving royalties on them.


Upcoming Titles!
Daughters of Mother Earth Book 2 - A Warrior for the Moon, Muse it Hot
Avenging the O'Donnell's- March, 2014
Coming to Print!
Fun House in print: August, 2013
Tri-Romance in print: December, 2013
His Favorite Dessert
Second Friday from A Kool Queer Lit
Third Place Is The Best Place
Negasi’s Princess

Happening Now


Cultural, Interracial, and Multicultural Special Interest Chapter Cultural, Interracial, and Multicultural Special Interest Chapter   of Romance Writers of America http://www.cimrwa.org/



Tri Romance by Dana Littlejohn The Fun House by Dana Littlejohn Angel Alan's Arrival Charles’ Goddess The Erotes Book 3


Feel free to link my page to yours. If you link me, I’ll link you.


Home of Jada and the Sea Prince, The Lady Vampire series (Sweet Tooth, What a Ride!, Bobbie Rocks!)

Spanking Cupid. Christmas Goddess, Cupid’s Target, Home with The Jones, Releasing the Baggage


The Seven Year Switch, The Erotes- Book 3 Charles’ Goddess  &

Book 4 Alan’s Arrival Eros’ First Fix Himeros’ Princess



Home of Asian Spice, Christmas with Holly, Happy Feet, Reindeer Games and The Wrong Valentine.


Home of Romantica writer M.A. Gonzales. A fantastic writer who is doing her own thing with stories like Beth and the Dark Prince, Valentine Magic The Hunter and A Christmas Wish under her belt to name a few. Check out her website and be seduced!


Home of Kendra Mei Chailyn’s Butterfly Kisses. With books such as Destiny’s Cowboy and Greyson’s Heart it’s easy to see why they say she is dainty as a butterfly sensual as a vixen. Stop by her website and see for yourself!



Home of Cassandra Daniels. A fellow Indianapolis writer. Her books Caught in the Middle and Karma has a Name are worthy of your attention.




Romance by Jaxx Steele. A fantastic male writer whose taste may vary from yours and mine, but his skill is undeniable. With stories like The Devil made me do it, By the Moonlight and The gift that keeps on giving under his belt it is easy to see why. Check out his website where he’s putting a little XX into man love!

Stands for African-American People Succeeding. This magazine did my first interview and introduced me to the town I now call home. They are located in IN, MO, AK, CA, IL, NC, AL,MS,LA and TX. Look them up!


Shades of Romance magazine is a place where authors of color are displayed and interviewed.

My thanks to Free Play Music for the use of their wonderful music.

My thanks goes to John Peter Ross for the use of his music.

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