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Oct 6-9 2017

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Review: Lady Vampire Series Book 2: What A Ride

Lady Vampires 2: What a Ride by Dana Littlejohn

Review Written by Sheila

Friday, 29 March 2013

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Lady Vampires Book II: What a Ride!

Title: What a Ride
Author: Dana Littlejohn
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: GLBT, Vampire, Contemporary
Publication date: January 1, 2011
ISBN: 1-936653-57-7
Pages: 22
Series: Lady Vampires, Book 2
Reviewer: Sheila


Heat Level:F/F, oral sex

Tamika has just gotten the job of her dreams. Going back to New York on the train, she runs into the woman she had been lusting over on previous trips. Having the opportunity to share a compartment on the train Tamika begins talking with Cassandra in Dana Littlejohn’s What a Ride, the second book of her Lady Vampire series. Unbeknownst to Tamika, Cassandra has had her eye on Tamika. Will they get what they want or will one be disappointed?

What a Ride is a quick read. I wish it could have been longer. The premise is good and I liked the characters but I did not have time to form a bond with the characters before the end of the story. I liked the spontaneity of Tamika and the sophistication of Cassandra. Both are looking for something the other provides. Tamika is innocent but she knows who she wants. Cassandra is more standoffish as she decides whether to spend time with Tamika or not. A quick sex scene that would have been steamy with more time lets us know that Cassandra has decided that Tamika is worth bringing into her life.

I liked how What a Ride ends. Cassandra set the pacing of the story and the ending. It is very matter of fact and puts Cassandra’s personality stamp on the story. A very decisive woman. If you are looking for a quick read, this is it.

Night Owl Reviews | Five Hearts by Dana Littlejohn

Five Hearts Anthology - Dana LittlejohnTerri of Night Owl Reviews

Title: Five Hearts
Authors: Dana Littlejohn, Sandy Sullivan, Sable Hunter, Cynthia Arsuaga, Daisy Dunn
Score: 4.00 / 5
Active Date: Jan 1, 2013

Five authors bring five totally different stories about love, romance and Valentine’s Day.  While each was well written and packed a lot into a few short pages, not all were stories that I would have normally read.  I think this is one of the advantages of an anthology; checking out the authors before you put out a bunch of money and discover you dislike a writing style.  Anyway, from ghostly girlfriends to a chance meeting at a business party, each couple is unique and interesting.

This book starts out with A Hot and Spicy Valentine by Sable Hunter.  Neither main character is perfect in this story and both have lots of insecurities but they work.  This could almost be called a nice sweet romance and the story is fun.  This story is followed by Cynthia Arsuaga’s Lost In the Sea of You.  Here a ghost is looking for love on Valentine’s Day and finds it.  She disappears after a few days, only to return the next year.  I wasn’t thrilled with this story but it was definitely interesting.  Business parties are usually boring and full of business but in Cupid’s Target by Dana Littlejohn, they also have a hot guy and the opportunity for some smoking sex.  This is definitely not a boring story by any means!  Accidental Valentines by Daisy Dunn is bitter sweet.  It starts with a wife storming out of a marriage and a husband dying in a car accident.  Five years later the surviving spouses met.  Will the past affect the future?  Finishing this collection is Sandy Sullivan’s Forever Kind of Love.  He gave her up because he was convinced that he wasn’t good enough for her but he’s never forgotten her.  She still loves him even though he broke her heart.  With the help of some well-meaning friends, can they clear the air and get back together again?

Overall, I liked this anthology.  The stories were complete.  They had interesting characters and good story lines.  This is definitely a great book to buy and it will give you a lot of ways to look at Valentine’s Day.

Link: http://www.nightowlreviews.com/nor/Reviews/Terri-reviews-Five-Hearts-Anthology.aspx

Slave's Erotic Reviews: Lady Vampires

Lady Vampires, by Dana Littlejohn

Dana Littlejohn’s female vampire series is about, well, lady vampires. Each book is about a different female vampire looking for love.

Lady Vampires Book I: Sweet Tooth  Lady Vampires Book II: What a Ride!  Lady Vampires Book III: Bobbie Rocks!

Book 1-Sweet Tooth

Sasha had been alone for many years. Lately she began to think it was time for her to take a mate. When she spotted the beautiful Candice, she wanted her at first sight. Distracted to frenzy Sasha enlisted aid from a friend and put a plan into action to claim her for her own.

Book 2- What a Ride!

Tamika James had just accepted a job in Boston. Although she was still single, Tamika was feeling optimistic about her life. During the train ride back to New York she met the beautiful Cassandra and the circumstance catapulted her into a new world she didn’t really know existed.

Book 3- Bobbie Rocks!

Roxie stayed under the radar for years moving from city to city to stay in the designing business. Thoughts of taking a permanent mate were put on the back burner years ago. When her friend Melina brought her to an adult toy store to prepare for a party she meets Bobbie. Although she had no intention on keeping her, she had every intention on having her for the night, but Roxie had no idea that Bobbie had other plans for her.

You can find Lady Vampires at Secret Craving Publishing.

SLAVE’s reviews

Sweet Tooth:

Sasha, Candice and Jasmine were believable. Though the book was brief, this story held my attention from the first page to the last. Jasmine, the secondary character, set the tone of the sensuality. The main characters used that to take the readers to the story’s orgasmic end. A great read. A short that stands tall among its peers.
5 pens…plus refills!

What a Ride!

Tamika was the passenger on this great ride with Cassandra as the conductor. This book is aptly named because that is what the main character, Tamika, is taken for. There was a time when I was a little confused when Cassandra was bringing Tamika up to speed on her life, so I took ½ a pen. However, What a Ride has an easy start that escalates to a great lunch time readable orgasm.
3 ½ pens

Bobbie Rocks!

The main character, Roxie, sets out for a night of lust and a good meal, but quickly learns she is on the menu. This story rose in crescendo. Seduction was throughout the book and the one sex scene was worth the wait. I enjoyed the characters and the story set up and the ending was fun and unexpected.
4 pens
Overall, Dana Littlejohn’s Lady Vampires are a recommended read, whether you’re alone or sharing them with your partner. Her characters are believable and beautifully alive. They can bite me anytime!

Slave's Erotic Reviews Wrong Valentine


The Wrong Valentine Dana LittlejohnWrong Valentine, by Dana Littlejohn

Shante was single, happy and ready for Valentine’s Day. She planned a delicious dinner, music and a little self indulgence to celebrate her single-hood. Her evening was going well until someone else’s Valentine O Gram showed up at her door. Should she get dressed and make sure it goes to the proper place or does she reap the benefits of someone else’s mistake?
available at Phaze

SLAVE’s Review

Shante had every intention on spending a romantic, self induced pleasurable Valentine’s night alone…boy! was she wrong! This book shows the benefits of being in the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time…whichever way you decide on, you just want to be there! Wrong Valentine is an unexpected seduction that if you forgot a gift on Valentine’s Day, you could send this to your lover.
5 pens…plus refills!

Romance Erotica Connection: Cajun Magic

Cajun Magic
Red Rose Publishing
Heat level: Mild
Rating: 4 ROSES

Detective Gerald Dixon is recuperating in Louisiana from a bad wound he suffered in the line of duty. He is tired, hurt and confused about his future life. Will he give up and retire as requested? Then on a one-day trip to New Orleans his life took a sudden turn. He found an unbelievable request to help a ghost free herself form a voo-doo spell. Gerald did not believe in ghosts. Only a person who did not beleive in voo-doo could help break the spell. Gerald definitely did not believe in voo-doo. To help the ghost Margarita he had to perform a mental challenge, a physical challenge and a challenge that would require him to push his own beliefs to a whole new level.

Ms. Dana Littlejohn has created a first class fantasy story with a touch of erotic sex and a nice romantic ending. The storyline is creative and well thought out. I was captured with how Gerald was able to move his life from recuperation pain to one that will give him the happiness he didn’t have and never new he needed. The ghost Margarita is a wonderful character that spiced up Gerald’s life and made me want to see her be released from the spell that was cast over her many years ago. The story flowed at just the right pace for an easy reading in one sitting. The erotic sex scene helped to make the decision by Gerald to help Margarita believable. I found the sex scene well written, but not as sizzling as I wanted. The story builds to a nice ending that lead me to visualize a romantic adventure beginning for Gerald and Margarita. I recommend this book to readers that like fantasy stories with a little erotic twist and a nice romantic ending.

Reviewed by Traci Evans
for the Romance Erotica Connection

Literary Nymphs: Sebastian’s Surrender

Sebastian’s Surrender by Dana LittlejohnThe Dioni Chronicles
Book III- Sebastian’s Surrender
Red Rose Publishing

Sebastian’s Surrender gave me another taste of Dana Littlejohn’s wonderful writing style. Sebastian made a quick change the second he became aware of Amber and that made him seem softer. I enjoyed the fact that Amber was hesitant about getting involved with Sebastian, but I wish her turmoil had dragged on a bit longer. If you enjoyed the first two books of the series, then this one is a must read.

Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs
Reviewer: Amethyst Nymph


Sebastian’s Surrender by Dana LittlejohnThe Dioni Chronicles
Book III- Sebastian’s Surrender
Red Rose Publishing

The Dioni Vampire Clan is still attempting to rebuild their numbers. The gifted ones of the clan are among the first to be allowed to find wives.
Sebastian Santos is not a social vampire, and would prefer his solitude over human company any day. The only time he has made it a point to interact with humans is when it is time for his meals. So being granted the right to a human wife is more of a burden than a blessing in Sebastian’s eyes.
Amber has never known what it’s like to have a real family. When Sebastian approaches Amber in hopes of finding a mate, she realizes that her deeply rooted dream could become her reality. Will Amber be able to overcome her fears and become the mate Sebastian wants and needs?
Sebastian’s Surrender is book three in the Dioni Chronicles series. Sebastian’s Surrender was a delightful book about dreams coming true and discovering your true desires. The characters read like the people next door. While Amber was raised in love, she never knew what it was like to have blood of her blood. Sebastian has been a recluse most of his life but when he touches Amber he knows he never wants to be alone again. Readers of the genre as well as those who love this series will find Sebastian’s Surrender an enjoyable read. Dana Littlejohn has given us yet another wonderful addition to the Dioni Chronicles series.

Rating:5 ANGELS
Reviewed by: NeNe

REC: Jonathan’s Bite of The Apple

The Dioni Chronicles
Book II- Jonathan’s Bite of The Apple
Red Rose Publishing

Normally, I wouldn’t be sorry to not have read the first story to a series but this time, I am definately going to get it. Jonathon’s Bite of the Apple is an amazing read. I started reading it and could not stop until the story was finished. Jonathan was a beautiful soul (can you say that about a vampire?) and believable. I would have loved to see Kenya fleshed out some more because she is such a power woman and we need to see more of that in female characters in reading romance. Sexy, saucy and hot…what more can you ask for in a vampire read?

Three and a half roses from the REC
Reviewed by Angel (On Loan) for the REC

Literary Nymphs Review: The Dioni Chronicles

The Dioni Chronicles
Book II- Jonathan’s Bite of The Apple
Red Rose Publishing

The time has come for Jonathan Destori to help rebuild his vampire clan by finding a mate. The worried warrior thinks he might fall short in finding a wife that will appreciate his sexual preferences. Jonathan’s clan brother tells him that New York is the perfect city to find anything under the sun, so Jonathan moves there in search of a wife.

A walk in Central Park gets interesting when Jonathan spies a woman bringing down a mugger. Seeing the real New York with his new friend Kenya as a tour guide opens the door to new possibilities for Jonathan. It’s a shame that Kenya’s not his type of woman. Or is she?

Sometimes people can’t see the forest for of the trees and that is exactly what happened to Jonathan. Kenya is a strong and beautiful woman with an open mind when it comes to sex. I nearly wanted to bash Jonathan when he failed to see the light bulb in the beginning. I almost felt he didn’t deserve such a wonderful woman because he was taking too long to realize her worth. Kenya is so sassy and surprising there is no way readers won’t love her. Littlejohn united a perfect pair and I would love to read more about their lives together after Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple.

Nymphs Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amethyst Nymph

Reviewed by Amy: The Dioni Chronicles

Mikhails Hunt by Dana Littlejohn

The Dioni Chronicles
Book I- Mikhail’s Hunt
Red Rose Publishing


I just love the way Mikhail seduced Christina. He charmed his way into her heart and wanted her to come to him willingly and not by force. Mikhail is what every woman wants in a man and I would love to have him all to myself. This is a recommended read, Mikhail’s Hunt has all that I want in a book. Ms. Littlejohn charmed her way into my heart with Mikhail’s story and I can’t wait to read her next story.

Bitten By Books
Reviewed by Amy