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Oct 6-9 2017

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Cultural, Interracial, and Multicultural Special Interest Chapter Cultural, Interracial, and Multicultural Special Interest Chapter   of Romance Writers of America http://www.cimrwa.org/

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For the Love of Mythology Blog Hop

For the Love of Mythology Blog Hop

This hop is centered around all types of Mythology(Greek, Roman, Egyptian and so on), YA, Fiction, Nonfiction, Adult, Romance and Erotic is welcome as well.
This giveaway hop is running from June 1st to 8th . You must have your post up no later than 8am on June 1st.   We are accepting book donations for the grandprize!  Just contact one of us with what you would like to donate and a we will add your name and book to the prize list!!!
We will be having a grand prize so far consisting of…
 $30 Amazon GC or $30 worth of books at TBD.
ebooks from Patricia Bates
a prize from Lisa Beth Darling
As for your post, your giveaways has to be Mythological Related, (Swag, books, GC’s , movies if you shall choose).  Write up a quick post is to why Mythology intrigues you? What is your favorite and who is your favorite god or goddess or even legend(myth).
HAVE FUN!  That’s why we do what we do!!!

1. Book Lover’s Hideaway- Both 28. Dana Littlejohn 55. Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews
2. Rosalie Lario 29. Nya Rayne 56. Kendall McKenna – Love & Dog Tags
3. Identity Discovery 30. Riverina Romantics 57. Caris Roane
4. Salacious Reads 31. Layna Pimentel 58. Not Now… Mommy’s Reading
5. Booked & Loaded 32. Mina Khan 59. Bookswagger
6. The Jeep Diva 33. M.W. Muse 60. K.E. Saxon
7. Buffy’s Ramblings 34. Emily Fuller’s Fantasy Blog 61. Aubrey Rose
8. Close Encounters with the Night Kind 35. Carrie Fort 62. A Fantasy to Remember
9. herding cats & burning soup 36. Sapphire Kande – BDSM Author 63. Susan Frances
10. Katie Teller 37. Mary @SweepingMe (Int) 64. Urban Fantasy Author Angela Roquet
11. Love Saves the World (INT) 38. DC Juris 65. Romance Book Club (US)
12. Share My Destiny (INT) 39. Confessions of the Paranormal 66. Jess Buffett – M/M Erotic Romance Author
13. Ellie Potts 40. Jennifer Wedmore 67. Tabitha Conall
14. Carly Fall 41. 2 Bibliophiles Guide to Seriously Awesome Books 68. Taylor Michaels
15. Sabrina Garie 42. Christina Condy 69. Peter Lukes
16. Sheri Fredricks, Modern Mythic Romance 43. Ohana Day Academy (AUS) 70. Keith Yatsuhashi
17. Carly Fall, Where Fantasy Meets Romance 44. Mary Lynn Bast 71. Kaitlin Bevis (INT)
18. D. X. Luc’s Island 45. Book Monster Reviews (INT) 72. Ann Gimpel
19. Bea’s Book Nook 46. Victoria Pinder 73. L. J. LaBarthe
20. Rosanna Leo 47. Felicity Heaton – Paranormal Romance Author (INT) 74. Fangs, Claws and Demons YA Blog
21. My Reading Obsession 48. Lisa Beth Darling 75. Crystal’s Random Thoughts ( Int)
22. LM Preston 49. Victoria Danann 76. J. Lynnes
23. Just Jeannie’s Books & Bling 50. Savings in Seconds 77. Mandy Earles
24. Orin’s Insights 51. tessa stokes 78. Twisting Minds One Word at a Time…
25. Naughty Bits’ Book Reviews 52. H. D. Thomson – Paranormal Romance 79. Reading Reality
26. Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog 53. Kindred Dreamheart 80. You’re next!
27. Kelly L Lee 54. Erotic Paranormal Romance Author Rose Wynters INT

Patrick Mac Phee from The last Mac Phee by Dana Littlejohn

Visit with Dana Littlejohn and Patrick Mac Phee from The last Mac Phee on December 18th

Paranomal Cravings Character-line-up

Dana and Patrick will be visiting Paranormal Cravings at http://paranormalcravings.blogspot.com a copy of the event will also be hosted on Paranormal Cravings new site at www.paranormalcravings.com

Get to know Patrick and all the Characters from the Paranormal Romances you crave.

1.   Kym grosso
2.   Adele Carrington
3.   + Review: Kitty from Alien vs. Alien (Alien/Katherine “Kitty” Katt #6) by Gini Koch
4.   Arvon Night by Raven Bower
5.   Countess Valeria Karajan- Dracula from Being Mrs. Dracula by Faith Marlow
6.   Cole Shilo from Cornerstone Deep by Charlene A. Wilson
7.   Luna Sea Rakshasa from Lunacy and the Vampire by Evie Jayne
8.   Debra Smith
9.   Lori King
10.  Vivienne Sena from Blood Memory: Book 1 by Rosalind Hartmann
11.  + Review: Claimed By Dragons  by Katalina Leon
12.  Jesu from Dark Heirloom by Jennifer Brown
13.  Review: Caris Roane, GATES OF RAPTURE (not part of the line-up)
14.  Kalen Black from BLACK MOON by J.D. Tyler
15.  R.l. King
16.  Stone Warrior by Amy Ruttan
17.  Len from The Savage Release by Destiny Blaine
18.  Patrick Mac Phee from The last Mac Phee by Dana Littlejohn
19.  Kish Frahm from Lycan Contempt by SK Yule
20.  + Review: Guardians of the Grimoire of Natasha Slight
21.  Kenzie Westwood
22.  Jeanne Stein
23. Linda Harley
24. Linda Mercury
25. Lucifer by Rosalie Stanton
26. Lauren Oliver
27. Celia Graves ??
28. + Review: Evie Jayne
29.  Lorraine Pearl30. Misa Buckley
31.  Veronica Fontera by Hunter Goss

Beth Wylde Yahoo Group Contest Winner- Sheila Gallagher

Lady Vampires Book I: Sweet ToothCongrats to Sheila Gallagher

for Winning a Copy of Sweet Tooth

Tuesday June 26th at Beth Wyldes Yahoo Group


We want to thank Beth and her group for having Dana and look forward to chatting with you again.

If you want to know more about the event Join Beth’s group and read the events postings. 🙂

Vote for Home with The Joneses Cover Art Contest



Vote for Dana Littlejohn’s

Home with The Joneses” Cover

March 21st to March 26th


Event | Night Owl Romance | Spring Fling



What is a Web Hunt? It’s a scavenger hunt that takes place on the web. You visit websites and find the answer to a question. Plus along the way you can find great new authors and new titles while entering to win prizes. USA Shipping only. Complete the entry form and click “Submit” for your entry details to be submitted.

Many stops on the tour are for HOT romance sites. You must be 18 or over to enter. See full entry rules by clicking here.

Featured Prizes – Over 100 Prizes and Over 75 winners! Prize List

Secret Cravings Publishing – Kindle Fire

Red Sage Publishing – $100 GC for eRedSage.com

Author Morgan O’Reilly – $25 Amazon GC

Author Sutton Fox – Kindle Fire

Author Ciara Knight – Gift Basket

Silver Publishing – Amazon Kindle

Author Cathryn Cade – $30 Samhain Publishing GC

Author Wendy Davy – Kindle Touch

Author Opal Carew – Butterfly Pendant w/Genuine Diamonds

Required Finds – You must answer at least 40 of the questions to be entered including all of the required finds…50 to be entered for the grand prize.

Night Owl Reviews

Silver Publishing

Red Sage Publishing

Secret Cravings Publishing

Sutton Fox

Cathryn Cade

Wendy Davy

Ciara Knight

Join the LASR / WC "Stuff Your Stockings With Books" holiday promo!

We need authors who want to guest blog around the holidays! It doesn’t cost you anything but a prize – what could be better than free promo on a really busy site?

It’s easy to participate. Simply send us a COMPLETED blog post that is holiday themed (can be winter, Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, New Year’s, etc) and NOT pure promo (no posts that are only excerpts, etc) along with an author bio, website links and ONE book cover to use as promo. Also tell us what you’ll be giving away in your spot. It can be a book, a GC, or other prizes (please be as specific as possible).

The posts will go up on our guest blog pages sometime between 12/19 and 12/30 (we’ll tell you your date when we schedule you) and each author will be responsible for doing a drawing for their prize from the comments on their post and then posting the winner in the comments.

Email us your blog post and other information along with which site it’s appropriate for (WC or LASR) with `STUFF YOUR STOCKINGS BLOGFEST’ in the subject header to lasreviews AT gmail DOT com – and we’ll do the rest!

We’ll accept posts up through December 14, 2011.

Questions? Email us at lasreviews@gmail.com!

Marianne and Judy