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Tri Romance by Dana Littlejohn The Fun House by Dana Littlejohn Angel Alan's Arrival Charles’ Goddess The Erotes Book 3

A Warrior for the Moon: Book 2 Daughters of Mother Earth

Daughters of Mother Earth:
Book II: A Warrior for the Moon

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When a warrior has his heart set on having the lady in the moon for his bride, but doesn’t know how to make his wish a reality, what does he do? He asks his big brother to seduce her mama to get him in, of course!



Rubani, the God of War, was asked to lead the people of Buganda in an assault against the Zincka to protect their land. During the campaign, he receives valuable advice from the goddess of the moon that led to his victory. Rubani was enchanted by her beauty and intellect. Could Rubani find a way to convince the goddess to be his even though they had only spoken once?



They served the best food and wine they had and offered their most beautiful women for him to lie with. Rubani stayed for a while indulging in his people’s gratefulness enjoying their admiration, but when the sun set he returned to the heavens on the west wind to his brother’s side. Jasiri greeted him with a smile and open arms.

“Well, done, Rubani!” he said when he released him. “I’m very proud of you. You have never failed in your role as war god. Come, the merriment has already begun. You are the guest of honor.”

Rubani smiled as he entered the room. He took his place in the chair next to Jasiri’s throne and looked around. The humans Jasiri kept on his mountain home were exceptionally talented. There was music, singing, dancing, jugglers and tumblers to entertain him everywhere his gaze stopped. The bash was much more elaborate than what the humans did for him. Though Jasiri was the supreme god and claimed the mountain as his home, he allowed other gods besides his brother to share his summit’s riches. Rubani spotted them all in attendance enjoying the food, drinks and just lounging about with their mates or a pretty human that caught their fancy at the moment. He didn’t spend much time with the others. Between functions, the gods that took sanctuary on the mountain usually stayed to themselves.  As Rubani scanned the room, he noticed the obvious look of love, lust and happiness on the faces of his brethren. It wasn’t until then that he realized there was something missing for his long life.

A servant approached and kneeled before them. Extending her silver tray, she offered the deities her gift, two large, golden goblets; one decorated in sparkling white stones the other with bright red jewels. Jasiri nodded his thanks then handed Rubani the chalice with the blood gems and took the other for himself. Rubani’s clanked his cup to Jasiri’s and they took a long drink in unison.

Rubani’s gaze remained on his brother. Jasiri had a lovely, petite human in his lap. He caressed her feminine curves openly speaking softly near her ear. The excitement and joy at his attentions were evident in her smile. Rubani opened his mouth to ask Jasiri a question, but, deciding against it, swallowed his query with a gulp of his drink.

Rubani had found pleasure in the arms of humans many times, but he wanted more. Something they couldn’t give him. He stared into his cup deep in thought for a moment then continued to eye the others rolling the goblet between his hands.

“Rubani, what’s wrong?”

Rubani chuckled to himself. Even with a maiden in his lap laboring to command his full attention, Jasiri noticed his brother’s distant behavior. Nothing gets by the Supreme God of Buganda! Jasiri sent the woman away and had their goblets refilled.

“This is your celebration and you’re the only one not celebrating. Tell me what bothers you.”

Rubani straightened himself and turned to his brother. “Jasiri, the party is wonderful and I thank you for it.”

“You are most welcome, but that is not your problem. Speak from your heart, Rubani. We are brothers.”

Rubami swirled the liquid in his cup. “Well, you said upon my return you would reward me.”

“Ahh, yes, your prize for a job well done. I have not forgotten, my brother.”

“It’s just, what I really want you may not—“

“Nonsense, Rubani.  Ask for what you want and it is yours,” he said excitedly.

“Well— I want the Goddess of the Moon for my wife,” Rubani blurted out.

Jasiri’s smile disappeared. “What?”

“That’s what I want. I have spent my lifetime without a permanent companion. Although I’ve had my share of great passion with several humans while answering my body’s need for physical love, I don’t like to dally with them as much as you or the other gods and goddesses do. I find myself contemplating the idea of children as well. I want a mate who is my equal, someone who will compliment me to pursue such an option.”

“I see.”

“The goddess of the moon is beautiful and wise. My army couldn’t stand against the Zincka’s. They fought with much courage and honor, but they were no match for their skill and strength of their enemy. It was her wise words that helped turn the tides on the battle ground toward our victory. She watched over me each night. I could almost feel her gentle touch in the moonbeam she sent to shine over me,” he added touching his face dreamily. “I want her to be mine.”

Jasiri sighed holding his cup in his lap. “I cannot give you a goddess, Rubani. I can offer you a human, any human who catches your eye. If you want I can—“

“No, Jasiri. I don’t want a human.” His voice was elevated with his frustration. “I apologize, my lord. Please forgive me.”

Jasiri offered him a sad smile and touched Rubani’s hand. “No apology necessary, brother.”

“I just don’t— They are sufficient for dalliance from time to time, Jasiri, but not to keep. Not for me. I want someone who can be with me for eternity. Her beauty will not fade in my sight. My lust for her would never diminish. I want the goddess of the moon to be mine,” he repeated with finality.

Jasiri sighed and put his goblet down. “My apologies, Rubani, but I cannot grant that wish.”

“Surely there is something you can do to help. Can’t you appeal to Dunia, on my behalf? You are the Supreme God of Buganda, Jasiri, and my brother.”