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Just a little taste…


The camera bag the woman carried on her shoulder swung like a purse as her elegant legs took long purposeful strides up her driveway. Sasha, for all practical purposes, looked like a model off the cover of a magazine. Her hair was short, done in one those stylish pixie cuts. The make-up she wore was minuet, just a little color on her lips, but what lovely lips they were! Full, sensual and kissable. Candice couldn’t help but lick her own lips gazing upon them. The sleeveless purple blouse she wore was beautiful against her toasted brown complexion. It was buttoned low enough to show off her impressive cleavage. A pair of skinny jeans sat low on her well-rounded hips, parading a glittering belly ring. The pants were the blackest of black and tucked neatly into a pair of strappy Granny boots.


Candice’s mouth went dry. Sasha moved closer to the house and her heart pounded. Even though she expected it, when the doorbell rang, she jumped. Candice drew in a deep breath and blew it out, gathering her composure before she flung the door open with her best smile in place.


“Hi, you must be Sasha. I’m Candice,” she said brightly, opening the door wider for her.

“Hi, Candice. Is there a certain spot you would like me to set up?”

“Umm, yes, I thought the family room would be nice since it has one of those antique settee chairs. It used to be my grandmother’s,” Candice said and led the way down the hall.


The room was very large, but minimally furnished. Only a few bookcases, a coffee table and a small loveseat accompanied the stylish sofa. Candice walked in and sat on her grandmother’s chair and looked up at Sasha.


“I didn’t know what to pull out or if I should be wearing something when you got here, so I just wore this and piled my clothes here in case you wanted to look through them. After seeing what you did with Jazz, I’m confident you would pick something nice.”

Sasha nodded and turned to her bag. “You won’t need as much work as Jazz did. You have natural beauty. All I will do is enhance what you have with a little make up and clothing.”

Candice smiled at the compliment.


“I would like it if you wore this,” she said, and produced a lacy black teddy trimmed in red satin and a pair of patent leather stilettos.


Candice gasped and walked over to her. “Oh, it’s beautiful. I don’t have anything like this.” Candice took the garments and turned to leave, but Sasha caught her arm.

“You’re going to leave? I mean, I’m getting ready to take intimate pictures of you. Will you really find it necessary to leave between each outfit change?”


Candice thought about that and she was right. It didn’t make sense. She quickly removed her t-shirt and then wiggled from her pants letting her panties drop at the same time. The lacy lingerie slid up her body effortlessly. She adjusted the snaps at the crotch then looked over her shoulder. The woman’s eyes were locked on her every move. A buzz ran over her body leaving her nipples hard. The undeniable fire of want and lust burned in Sasha’s extraordinary amber orbs. It had been a long time since she had seen the look of interest in a woman’s eyes.The gaze was so intense Candice had to turn away to continue to pull the lingerie into place. The dark lace brushed against her sensitive breasts and she bit her lip to suppress a moan. When the garment was in place, it cinched her waist, elongated her legs and lifted her breast seductively. Candice slipped into the shoes, turned to the photographer and smiled. Sasha returned her smile, but didn’t speak. She merely extended her hand toward the couch.


Sasha removed her makeup kit and a soft brush from a bag. Gently she brushed her hair, styling it the way she wanted. Eyeliner, shadow, blush and lipstick followed. Sasha turned her face to and fro then smiled, apparently satisfied with the results.


“Beautiful. Now, lay back with your legs stretched out.”


Candice did as requested. Sasha picked up her camera and snapped pictures. Besides the occasional directive words, “turn your head, look this way, smile, no smile, open your legs, bend your knees, twist at the waist”, the only other sounds in the room was the camera clicking. After two hours and five outfit changes Sasha lowered her camera and returned it to her bag.


“I think that’s enough pictures for now.”

“You want me to change outfits again?”

Sasha shook her head negatively. “Tell me something, Can—” Her head snapped around to look over her shoulder. “Can I call you Candy?”


Sasha smiled. “Why did you want these pictures? Are they for your girlfriend?”

Lifting her gaze to Sasha’s hypnotic eyes, she felt her heart hammering in her chest. “I don’t have a girlfriend right now,” she confessed. “I just wanted some really pretty pictures of myself while I am young and beautiful. I mean, I won’t always look like this, right? I just wanted to preserve the image.”

Sasha moved closer to her. “What if I told you that I could do that for you?”