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Just a little taste…


Melina pulled her excitedly down the hall and out the building. Outside the day was overcast, but still warm for September. Melina waved down a cab. She scooted across the seat leaving room for Roxie when it pulled along to the cub to let them in.

“West 4th Street by Washington Park,” Melina told the driver then turned to Roxie. “You’re gonna love this place.”

The ride from midtown was short even in the dense afternoon traffic. Roxie stepped out the car and looked at the building. At first glance she questioned if they were at the right place, but the small glowing marquee confirmed that they were. The store was located on the first floor of a three story building. The carved gargoyles in the upper corners embedded in the dark red brick exterior told her it was an historic building native to the area. She was in Manhattan many years ago when all the buildings looked like the one before her. Modern architects had built more skyscrapers filling the island moving away from the classic design of the early nineteen hundreds. Only a few were left to tell the story of the city in its youth.

The mannequins in the window were dressed sensually in evening clothes. One positioned in the corner wore a long black night gown trimmed in soft looking fur was posed with its hand on its hip. Another wore in a shorter nightie, white, lacy. It sat on a box with its legs crossed. The last one wore silken lounge pajamas in dark blue with the shirt opened wide to show off a sky blue camisole beneath. She smiled at the sight. At first glance it appeared to be no more than what the name suggested.

Melina paid the driver and walked pass her into the building.

“Damn, it’s dark in here,” Melina mentioned.

After coming from the bright sunshine of midday in July, the store did seem dark. Flickering Christmas like lights draped along the ceiling and strategically placed sconces on the walls were the room’s main source of illumination. The bulbs resembled flickering fire, but electricity powered them. Together they gave the interior an intimate feel. Roxie’s eyes adjusted quickly to the change as she moved into the room. A soft vanilla aroma tickled her nose making her smile. It engulfed her senses leaving a warm tingly sensation all over her body.


“I know. It’s so pretty in here. Everything is all glittery and girly. I love all the stars and hearts hanging from the ceiling. You know a woman decorated this place.” She nudged her with a giggle.

“Yeah, this Bobbie must have had his wife or daughter depending on how old he is do this place,” she agreed.

Melina nodded as she moved toward the register. No one was there, but a bell lay on the counter. She smacked it and waited.

“Be right there,” a woman’s voice called out from the doorway behind the register moments later.

Roxie looked around the room again. The place did look very feminine.

“Hi, how can I help you?”

Roxie turned to the voice and her mouth nearly fell open.

“Hi I’m Melina. I called about the toy party.”

“Oh yeah, how you doing? I’m Bobbie,” she said extending her hand. “You spoke to me.”

“Oh my gosh! You’re a woman,” she exclaimed with a laugh.

Roxie stood transfixed on Bobbie, who was nothing like she expected. Firstly, Bobbie was indeed a woman and what a woman she was! She was taller the Roxie was even in her four inch heels. Her dark brown skin was smooth and radiant. Bobbie’s catlike eyes danced as she spoke to Melina. The many braids on her head were held in a high ponytail with a rubber band, but a few wayward ones fell free to lie at her brow. She smiled pleasantly showing bright white teeth and a dimple in her left cheek. It was so cute Roxie had to make a conscious effort to stop herself from pinching her.

Bobbie was dressed casually in a black tank top, jeans and an open black and blue plaid shirt. The clothes fell loosely on her, but the swell of her full breast, small waist and tight abs could not be masked. Bobbie was not a small framed woman at all, but solidly built. Roxie assumed some kind of sport to kept her physique so trim and tight. She wanted to see what luscious curves she was hiding under those baggy clothes.

“Right Roxie?”

Melina’s voice abruptly cut into her thoughts. Bobbie was staring directly at her. She blinked and turned Melina. Her jaw finally gaped and she looked back and forth between the two.

“Uhh, I’m sorry, what were you saying? I spaced for a moment.”

Melina gave her a raised brow. “Okay, I was just telling Bobbie here that you haven’t been in a place like this for a while.”

“Yes, yes, right. No I haven’t. Hi, I’m Roxie, by the way,” she said offering her hand.

Bobbie eyes shifted over Roxie’s body swiftly and then she gave her a grin before taking her hand. Butterflies instantly appeared in Roxie’s stomach at the connection.

“How you doin’? I was just telling your girl that I can give her a few samples to share at the party for sale but then her peeps would have to go into the catalogs for anything else they wanted.”

Bobbie’s full shiny lips moved and Roxie was captivated. Her Brooklyn accent was obvious. It held warm rich tones that made Roxie’s smile widen as she listened. Watching her speak was fascinating almost mesmerizing. Bobbie’s shirt swayed around her frame giving way to her animated body language. She used hand gestures and shifted back and forth from one foot to the other as she spoke then suddenly here arms went wide and her brows rose. Clearly Roxie had missed something…again.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“You space out like that a lot?” Bobbie asked on a chuckle.

Roxie let out a nervous laugh. “No, no, it’s just, well—“ She felt the heat rise on her cheeks and waved her hand in the air to distract from it. “Never mind. Did you ask me something?”

Bobbie gave her a light laugh then brought her hand together in a loud clap. “I was asking if you wanted to go with us or stay here. I’m getting ready to take Melina in the back to let her start picking the stuff she wanted.”

“Oh. Yeah, yeah, I’ll go with you guys,” she said nodding her head vigorously. “Cool. I’ll lead the way.”