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Jada and the Sea Prince

Secret Cravings Publishing


Rynan set off on his journey to find Lord Poseidon flipping through his mental rolodex for any stored information. He remembered asking his father once why Poseidon had left them. Cayman had explained that his father cherished his solitude so much that he left his home on Mount Olympus for the ocean. He made his home on the ocean floor and traveled the oceans and seas happily. Cayman also told him that although Poseidon visited the home of the gods periodically he would always return to the ocean floor without hesitation. Rynan figured if a god would leave his home among the stars for someplace else that should be the first place he looked. He felt like he was swimming for forever. It seemed like the bottom of the sea was unobtainable. Rynan stopped abruptly and looked around. Nothing looked familiar and his irritation grew. He started off again moving even faster. After a while he stopped again, but the scenery didn’t seem to change at all. The young prince threw his arms up and screamed his frustration aloud. From his hands a powerful water spike shot straight up involuntarily.


“Ahh, I can’t stand this! Lord Poseidon! Where are you?” he yelled angrily.

Immediately the area around him was illuminated and a larger than life figure appeared before him. The long white hair on his head and face waved slowly in the water. He wore a long white shirt that flowed like a dress around him. His arms were wide as he spoke to Rynan.

“Why do you seek me, son of my son?”

He gasped. “You know me?”

A small smile touched his lips. “I am god of the seven seas and all of the oceans. Surely I would know my son’s son,” he said with a hint of mirth on his voice.

Rynan’s surprise didn’t defuse. “Oh. You–you are not as I imagined, my lord.”

“How you see me now is how I am and how I will always be,” he commented the suddenly he shrank down to Rynan’s size. “But, I can accommodate when necessary.”

Rynan’s awe remained. “I meant that you have no tail, my lord.”

“I am a god of Olympus. I have no need of a tail. I can assume any form that I wish. I gave my son and his people a tail so they could navigate the seas with greater ease. Now, tell me, Rynan, why do you seek me?”

“I–I come to beg for your help, my lord. I know you probably know that I have broken your rule about going to the surface.”

“Several times you have broken that rule.”

Rynan cringed at the confirmation. “Uhh, yes, my lord. I knew it was forbidden and I well, I just couldn’t help myself. I just had to know what was there.”

He nodded. “It is part of your human blood, curiosity.”

“I—well–when I was visiting the surface I met a human, a woman.” He paused, waiting for the chastising, looking for signs leaning one way or the other. When he saw none, he continued.

“I have visited her many times, mostly at night; she likes the ocean at night.” A smile came to his face, thinking of Jada, but it vanished when he refocused on Poseidon. “Umm, I recently begun going to the surface during the day to see her, too. I haven’t let on about my true nature. She thinks I swim to her from across the bay. But, my lord, this last time I visited her she was distraught. She’s in some kind of danger and I have to try and save her.” He took a deep breath and stood his full height.

“If there’s a punishment for breaking your rules, Lord Poseidon, I will take it. All I ask is that you help me save her first.”

“I have watched my son’s people grow in number over the years. I have always been aware of you even though you were not aware of me. Why would you save this human?”

“I love her, my lord.”

“You have not told her of your nature?”

Rynan sighed. “No.”

“She will perish is the sea by your side.”

“I realize that. I just want her safe even if she can’t be with me.”

“What are you willing to sacrifice for her?”

“Whatever is required, my lord. There is no limit to what I would do for her.”

Poseidon nodded. “There will be no punishment. Ask what you will.”

Rynan smiled. “Thank you, my lord. It is said that you once had a human for a mate, that my father’s mother was a human. Is that true?”

“It is.”

“Then that means he had legs like a human.”

“He did. He was as you see me now.”


Poseidon’s robes vanished in a flash of light. He had transformed before his eyes to show him what his father used to be. Rynan looked over the powerfully built body. It was a dark sand color with muscular arms and shoulders. The trunk was deeply defined and the legs were long and lean with an appendage floating between them that spanned at least six inches. The robes returned quickly and Rynan smiled.


“Lord Poseidon, I ask for the body of my father before you changed him, so that I can go to the surface and rescue the woman I love.”

“Your duty is to your people, Rynan, not this surface woman. You are to take a mate from the females your people offer and the throne will be yours in three days.”

“My lord, I have found no one in my realm that pleases me as this human does. She is who I want for my mate.”

“Rynan, I will give you the body of your father, but you will only have it for two days. Use it to find this human. If you can convince her to return to the sea with you I will make it so can be with you.”

“Thank you my—“

Poseidon held his hand up to stop his excitement. “In two days time your tail will return–no matter where you are.” He looked into his grandson’s eyes. “Do you understand the risks?”

Comprehension of Poseidon’s words and tone sank into Rynan’s conscientiousness and he nodded.

“Once this is done it will not be undone until the two days is up. Is this human worth it?”

“I love her, my lord. I’ll take the risk.”

“So be it.”


Lord Poseidon opened his arms and a potent whirlpool begun to surround Rynan. He couldn’t talk, but he couldn’t utter a sound. It was stronger than anything he had ever felt before. The pressure was unbelievable. His was tail being tugged in two directions and looked down in time to see it split into two and form legs. The pain was incredible, but over quickly. The turbulence around slowed, but before he could get his bearings or catch his breath it reversed. It spun so fast it pulled him from the ocean floor and projected him to the surface with such force that his feet left the water. Rynan crashed back into the water violently. He fought the waves kicking and flapping his arms wildly trying to get control of his new legs. Suddenly the water calmed around him and the waves gently rolled him safely to shore. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew Poseidon spoke to the sea and he was grateful. He lay on the beach exhausted mumbling his thanks to Poseidon before he passed out.