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Just a little taste…

 Inside the cabin a man sat in front of a blazing fire in a black wingback chair listening to soft jazz music. In his large hand he swirled an over sized brandy glass that was a quarter of the way full. The banging on the front door took his attention away from the letter in his lap. He quickly glanced at the clock before putting his glass and letter down on the small end table by his chair.


 “Now what nut is out after ten o’clock on a stormy night like this?” he wondered aloud.


 He swung the door open and a woman fell into his arms. Somehow he managed to catch her before she hit the floor.



 “Please help me,” she whispered before she slipped into unconsciousness.


 The man looked out into the rain as the storm continued in its fury. He lifted the woman into his arms, pushed the door closed with his foot and carried her to his bedroom. He laid her on the bed and rushed off to get a towel. As he re-entered the room he dropped the towel and froze in place. The woman was naked. The dress he thought she wore merely clung to her wet body. It strategically covered one breast as it went down her stomach and bunched up across her pelvis leaving her legs completely uncovered. Even though her long, black hair was mussed and stuck to half her face, he could see she was beautiful. Her beauty was exotic and seductive. He had never seen such a beautiful woman. His eyes fell across her body again. Her long legs were shapely and her hips were rounded, but slender. The one breast that was visible to him was full and lush. He stared at her nakedness for a while, drinking in her loveliness before turning away abruptly and tossing the towel to the foot of his bed. Going back to his seat he picked up his glass and drank the contents down in one gulp.


 “Alright, Hawk, what have you gotten yourself into?” he asked himself as he refilled his glass.

 Suddenly, he sprang to his feet and walked to the window. He checked several other windows throughout the house looking out into the downpour, before he returned to his chair.


 “Aww, man,” he said, running his hand over his head. “I don’t have time for this. The last thing I need is to get involved with this woman if someone is chasing her. I don’t need that drama on top of everything else I got going on.” He took a deep breath then took another sip of his drink and chuckled.


 “Damn. Was she naked when I carried her to the room? How the hell did I miss that? I didn’t think I was that tired,” he added with another disbelieving chuckle.

 He took another drink from his glass and relaxed into his chair allowing the music’s soothing tones to wash over him. After about an hour he picked up the letter again and with another deep breath.


 “What am I going to do? I can’t lose this place.” As he lifted his glass to take another sip a soft voice stopped his hand midway.

 “Excuse me.”

 He put his glass down and stood. His mystery woman stood in the foyer. She had covered herself in to towel he left in the room. It hung loose around her body giving his imagination nothing to work with, but he didn’t need it. He had already seen the treasures that hid beneath. She ran her fingers through her tangled hair as she spoke.


 “I want to thank you, Mr.—”

 The man swallowed to wet his suddenly dry mouth. “My name is Hawk, Hawk Rivers,” he supplied on cue. “You’re welcome.”

 “Thank you, Hawk Rivers, for helping me. I know I shouldn’t have run, but I didn’t know what else to do.”

 “No problem, but just call me Hawk.”

 She moved closer to him. “I expected a white man from a village that we may have traded with to be here, but you are not a white man. What tribe are you from?”

 Hawk’s brows knitted in confusion. “Tribe? I’m not from any tribe. This is my house.”

 “You live here and not in one of the villages? I don’t understand.”

 “Neither do I. What are you talking about?”

 “You live in one of these,” she said, gesturing around the room, “like white men do and not a village like the rest of your people.”

 “Village? Okay, let’s start over because I have no clue what you are talking about. Are you still cold?”

 “Yes, a little.”

 “Come sit by the fire so you can warm up and we can talk.”

 He pulled her to the couch and returned quickly with a mug.

 “Alright, here you go. Now let’s back up and start from the beginning.”

 She accepted the cup and took a drink. “This is very good. What is it?”

 “What is it?” he repeated with a scoff. “Where are you from that you don’t know what hot chocolate is?” he asked with a hint of shock in his voice.

 “Mmm,” she said sipping again.

 “Okay, lady, let’s hear it. Tell me your story. Start with your name and continue from there.”

 “My name is Icie. I am the daughter of Chief Lakota of the Seneca tribe.”

 Hawk laughed. “Seneca tribe? You mean as in the Seneca Indian tribe?”

 Icie nodded and continued drinking.

 “Really? You’re serious? Chief Lakota’s daughter, huh?”

 She put the cup down and straightened her back. “Yes. I speak the truth. Why is that funny to you?”

 “Look, lady, I don’t have time for this. I have enough problems of my own. If you’re running from some lunatic boyfriend or husband I can’t be involved in any of that.”

 “I am running, that is true, but he is not my husband. Not yet anyway. It is customary for the princess of one tribe to join with a chief of another, but Chief Dyami was not the man of honor he led us to believe,” she explained sadly.

 His curiosity was piqued. “Chief Dyami? Why? What did he do?”

 “He wanted to join our bodies before our union ceremony.”

 Hawk raised his eyebrow in thought. “And that’sss…bad?”

 “It is against our customs.”

 “But not against his?”


 “So you ran. Okay, so why didn’t you guys just join your customs? You know like a compromise or something.”

 “I was not against that idea, but he tried to force me and that showed me how dishonorable he really was. I cannot join with a dishonorable man.”

 He felt a rush of jealousy, but shook it off and before he could comment she spoke.

 “Look, Icie, you can stay the night since the weather is acting crazy, but we’re going to have to talk about getting you back to where you belong in the morning?”

 She jumped to her feet in a panic. “No, Hawk, I cannot go back to him. I must find another mate, one strong enough to protect me from him. He is not an honorable man and I cannot give myself to him.”

 He was taken aback by her alarm. Her towel fell away from her body giving him another look at her naked form. He rose to hold the towel to her then put her hands over the two ends.

 “Alright, calm down.”

 She fixed the towel to stay in place. “You don’t understand, Hawk. I am of joining age and the Cayuga have skills that we need to grow as a people. If I go back I will have to join with the chief to bring our tribes together.”

 “But this guy is obviously no good. He was going to force you into bed with him. Why would your father make you marry a guy like that?”

 She sighed. “It is my duty as the chief’s daughter to do so. Now I have disobeyed my father and dishonored my people by not honoring my duty. My father will not accept me back for that if I do not honor my duty. If I cannot find another mate to protect me I will have no choice but to return to Chief Dyami,” she answered sadly.

 He let out a disbelieving chuckle.

 “What is funny now, Hawk?” she asked with an irritated edge.

 “Nothing, Icie. I’m just a little surprised to hear that people are still doing arranged marriages in two thousand ten.”

 She sank to the couch slowly with wide eyes. “What do you mean by two thousand ten?”

 “The year, it’s two thousand ten.” He looked into her stunned face and sat next to her. “What’s wrong? You act like you don’t know the year?”

 “I do know it. The year is eighteen sixty.”

 “What? You think this is eighteen sixty?” He watched her nod. “What makes you think that? Oh, man, don’t tell me you’re one of those crazies that have more than one personality?”

 “What? I am not crazy! I am fully aware of my mind!” she snapped.

 “Okay, okay! I’m sorry,” he said, failing at trying to muffle his laughter. “Let’s take a deep breath and start this conversation all over. Let me get another drink.”

 Hawk refilled his glass from earlier then returned quietly to Icie’s side. She told him what transpired throughout her whole day until she ended up at his door. He slid his hand over his head and down his face when her story was complete.

 “This is a little too much for me to handle right now. I’ve got a lot going on at the moment, Icie, and it seems you have a lot going on, too. Let’s just call it a night and worry about all this tomorrow.”

 Icie nodded and let out a sigh. “Yes, you are right, Hawk. I am very tired.”

 “I’ll sleep out here and you can have my room tonight. Come on, I’ll find you something to sleep in.”

 Hawk watched her walk back to his room as the towel swished across the lower roundness of her buttocks. He couldn’t help but think she could have pulled it up just a little higher. Shaking his head hard, he forced the thought from his mind and walked past her to his room. Digging in his drawer he found a pair of pajamas then left her alone to sleep. As he lay on the sofa he took another quick look at the letter he was reading earlier then closed his eyes, pushing away the tears.