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Christmas Goddess

With Christmas right around the corner, Do you ask Santa for the man of your dreams?

Nope! You ask your BFF!

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Kendra Taylor was single by choice, but unhappy with her predicament. Feeling depressed over her situation she declined going with her friend Monica to an annual Christmas party. Wanting to help Kendra, Monica searched diligently for the perfect gift to lift Kendra’s spirits and usher her into the New Year on a positive note…and she found it!


Fat, wet snowflakes pelted Kendra’s car as she drove home. Her mind drifted as she drove the familiar streets on autopilot. She contemplated why she didn’t really want to go to Doug’s Christmas party with Monica. It wasn’t like she didn’t know his people. The three of them grew up together. After all the years they had been friends, Kendra was under the impression that she and Monica had shared a brother/sister relationship with Doug. Apparently somewhere along the way Monica and Doug fell in love and she missed it. They approached her together to let her know and she was completely floored.

Turning into her driveway, she stared at the garage door as it rose and gasped. Was she jealous? The horn made a sharp quick honk when Kendra’s head fell to the steering wheel. She had to admit that she was. Kendra sighed. Maybe she was being a little unfair with her pre-constructed criteria. There was no perfect man after all. Of course a man had to have a job, a car and somewhere to live, but would a man really do what she wanted? Was it asking too much for him to make his first priority her pleasure? In and out of bed? After two years of looking the answer seemed pretty obvious.

Getting out the car she dropped the plate off in the kitchen and headed to the living. Looking around her home you couldn’t even tell Christmas was only a week away. There were lights, no gingerbread or peppermint smells, not even a tree. She frowned.

“God! No wonder I’m in such a funk. It’s downright dismal in here,” she said aloud. “I have to do something about this.”

Kendra rushed into her room, changed her clothes and was back in the car in fifteen minutes. The parking lot was so full she knew not to bother going near the store. Pulling her hood over her head, she stepped out into the falling snow.

“Merry Christmas!” the man guarding the bright red kettle shouted.

“Merry Christmas,” she answered walking by him into the store.

The cart corral was empty. She wasn’t surprised. The shopping madness of the season was in full swing. People pushed pass her as she walked around the crowded store. Luckily she just needed a few things to spruce up the place a bit and would be gone soon.

“Excuse me,” she said to a passing employee. “Where can I find Christmas decorations?”

“If there’s any left they would be in isle fourteen.”



The instant Kendra heard her name she froze. She knew that voice anywhere. It whispered sweet nothings in her ear for almost two years before she finally broke it off. She turned slowly and swallowed the gasp as it tried to escape. Just looking at him made her heart flutter. He was six feet of solid muscle with a panty melting smile and expert hands to seal the deal.

“I knew that was you,” he said pulling her into a hug. “How are you? You look fantastic.”

“Hi Lionel. You look good too,” she said and turned down the aisle.

“Whoa,” he called out intercepting her. “Wait a minute. What’s your hurry?”

“No hurry. I’m just here to pick up a few decorations for the house. I haven’t really had the time to decorate.”

“Really? Wow, I remember your place being decked out for the holidays even before Thanksgiving. You were so into it. I kinda liked that about you. Nothing’s wrong is it?”

Wrong? No, nothing is wrong, delicious man from my past. Just suffering from lack of companionship and nooky-fluid deficiency, that’s all.

“No, no nothing like that. I’ve just been busy at work. That’s all.”

“Oh. So what are your plans after you get your stuff?”

“No plans at all, really. I’m just going back to the house.”

“To your…boyfriend…husband?” he asked making hand gestures like a scale.

She couldn’t help but smile. “No, alone.”

Lionel’s face lit up. “Really? Well, why don’t I come with you then? I was picking up some stuff for dinner. I can double it and make dinner for two instead of one.”

Warning! Warning! Her brain screamed.

Lionel flashed his killer grin of his and stepped closer. Her features must have given away what her mind’s caution alarm.

“Come on, Kendra. You know you always liked my cooking and I know you hate to cook. It’s a win/win situation.”

No Kendra! It doesn’t matter that his food tasted heavenly. You have the food from the party. You won’t starve.

Lionel nudged her. “Come on. I’ll put this chicken back and make my special Italian rib eyes that you love so much,” he said sweetening his offer.

Memories of his delicious cooking flittered back to her memory making her mouth water and she smiled.

“Thata girl. Come on let’s get what we need and get out of here.”

When Lionel exchanged his supplies and Kendra found the decorations they met at the register. An hour and a half later Lionel positioned the artificial pine in the corner by her fire place. Together they dressed it with lots of twinkling white lights and strategically placed red and gold velvet bows throughout its branches. Lionel went off to the kitchen to check the food while she hung a string of holly wrapped around more lights along the mantle. Kendra sat on the couch with a satisfied smirk.

“I think it looks great,” Lionel said returning.

“Yeah, me too. Thanks,” Kendra said relaxing back.

He handed her a glass of wine and sat beside her. Raising her beverage in the air, Kendra waited for him to do the same. When he complied, she tapped his drink and they both took a sip.

“No problem. So, I’ve wanted to ask you something, Kendra, but never got the chance.”

She stared at the red liquid as swirled it in the glass. “All right, so go ahead and ask.”

“Why did you dump me?”