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Dana Littlejohn's Titles are No Longer Available from Red Rose Publishing. Please Do Not Buy any Books from Red Rose Publishing If you see any of her titles for sale, please do not buy them as she is no longer receiving royalties on them.

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Angel by Dana Littlejohn

Angel by Dana Littlejohn

From Secret Cravings Publishing



Angel spent the last two years Indianapolis enjoying a new life with a good job and a great guy. One text message from Blaze could end everything she had built up. Should she turn down a chance to get back at the man who has caused her nightmares for the last five years?


Toni had told her the VIP section was in the back of the club on an elevated platform. Anyone would be able to see people coming in the front door or going out to the back patio where smokers went to light up.

She spotted their pedestal immediately. Several men and women were already there. Angel turned toward the bar and took a seat.

“What can I getcha?” the bartender asked as she slid onto the stool.

“Ciroc, cherry, chilled.”

She nursed her drink and settled in to wait. After a while, she saw Tyrone and his crew enter the club and make their way to the platform. A small smirk touched her lips when she saw a spark of interest on his face when he noticed her.

“Bartender, another Ciroc, please.”

“The lady has taste.”

Angel twisted to the masculine voice to her left.

“What’s up, sweetheart? You looking for some company tonight?”

“No, thank you, I’m not,” she said and turned back to the bartender to accept the drink. “Thanks.”

“Damn, that dress looks good on you!” he said eyeing her openly leaning off his seat. “Titties poppin’, ass bangin’, you’re working it, girl! I just want to lean over a bite you.” He leaned closer to her and chomped the air loudly.

Angel glared at him. “I wouldn’t if I were you,” she said without flinching, then took her drink in one swallow.

Laughing, the man beat the counter. “Come on, girl. A woman as fine as you needs a real man tapping that ass,” he insisted, then slapped her butt firmly.

Angel turned on him, grabbed his fingers and bent his wrist back dragging him from the chair toward her.


“If you touch me again it will be the last thing you do. Now go away, I’m busy,” she said slowly before pushing him back against his stool.

“Is this guy bothering you?”

Angel could feel an imposing figure behind her. She faced the newcomer with her sexiest smile.

“No, I think the gentleman was about to leave.” She turned and glared at him. The drunk grabbed his beer and scurried away. Angel smiled at the man behind her. “See.”

“I’m glad it worked out. My boss wants to talk to you.”

Angel glanced in the direction of the platform. Tyrone lifted his glass to her and grinned.

“Shall we?”


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