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I was born in Brooklyn, NY on a snowy winter’s day. I was told that I interrupted my parents’ Christmas party. It was well after midnight, but my arrival put a stop to the late night party and stopped my mom from going ice skating with everyone else at Rockefeller Centre. I moved to Indianapolis, In. in summer of 1994 where I still live.

As a young child I wrote Hickory Dickory Dock type poetry as I doodled all over my papers in school. I still don’t know which I did more, but by Jr. high school I wrote more than doodled and even got up the nerve to enter them in a contest or two. But it was my short stories that took all my time and energy.

I showed a few to my friends and they had me doing weekly installments of a story and had passed it around the lunch room. During the 80’s; when I was in High School, I tried my hand at rapping. Rap Music was just a toddler with the arrival of the Sugar Hill Gang a few years back and everyone wanted to Rap. So with my ‘crew’ The Puma Fly Girls, (come on, you had a weird crew name too) we rapped and I wrote the rhymes for myself as Shorty Dee Ski and for another of my girls in my crew. (Don’t Laugh. If you are a child of the 80’s you were some kind of ‘ski’ too.)

In 2003, I picked up my pen again and I haven’t put it down. Come along for the ride as I go on an imaginary trip into my world. You’ll enjoy every minute of this wild ride.